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APRSAF-24 Registration Form

The deadline for registration is Monday, 5 October 2017.
For any inquiries, please e-mail to APRSAF-24 Secretariat:
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Please refer to Visa information for INDIA:
Any participant who requires an invitation letter from the local organization in India (ISRO) for visa application purpose, please contact directly Dr. Rajeev Kumar Jaiswal:
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2. Attendance
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Reception (16 November)*
Bengaluru Sight Seeing
Time: 15:00-19:00
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*Registration and payment are required at the venue.

3. Questionnaire
 How did you know about APRSAF?(Multiple answers allowed)
 How many times have you participated in APRSAF annual meetings? (including APRSAF-24)
 What is the main reason to attend APRSAF?

 Which area will your organization mainly focus on or address in the future?
 What is the advantage of APRSAF compared with other international/regional conferences?

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