2nd Symposium of JSPS Core-to Core Program -Center of Excellence in Health Risk Assessment for Adaptation to Climate Change-

2nd Symposium of JSPS Core-to Core Program -Center of Excellence in Health Risk Assessment for Adaptation to Climate Change-


"Center of Excellence in Health Risk Assessment for Adaptation to Climate Change" is funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Core-to-Core program.

The center aims to establish network-based research centers for health risk assessment for climate change adaptation in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It endeavors to be a platform for sharing knowledge. Linking science with policies, not just academic activities, will greatly contribute to the country’s climate change adaptation policy.

The 2nd symposium of the JSPS Core-to-Core program will take place online, March 5, 2021, in cooperation with University of Tokyo – Institute for Future Initiatives, Ehime and Yamagata universities. This event will tackle the impacts of climate change on agriculture, waste generation, water sanitation and air quality in Asia. The symposium also serves as an avenue to provide solutions for the problems brought by these effects to ensure a sustainable future.


*This time schedule is based on Japan Standard Time.
*Every presentation includes 15min presentation + 5min Q&A.

Opening and Welcome Addresses (20 min)

Prof. Kensuke Fukushi

Vice Director, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Vo Thanh Tung

Hue University of Sciences (HUS)

Keynote Speeches (50 min)
Recent topics in Global Warming Simulation

Prof. Akimasa Sumi

Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI), The University of Tokyo

Saline soils and crop production in coastal zones of Vietnam: features, strategies for amelioration and management

Dr. Nguyen Ho Lam

Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry (HUAF)

Comparison of virus concentration methods for the recovery of Pseudomonas phage φ6, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, from municipal wastewater

Mr. Shotaro Torii

Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo

A composite index for resilience and risk management (CO-INFORM) of future pandemics.

Dr. Michael Promentilla

Center for Engineering and Sustainable Development Research (CESDR), De La Salle University

Technology developing toward circular agriculture economy in Vietnam

Dr. Le Thi Kim Phung

Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

Lunch Break (50 min)
Health risks to climate-related changes of fishing households in coastal communities, Central Vietnam

Dr. Huynh Thi Anh Phuong

Hue University of Sciences (HUS)

Increased risk of environmentally-induced cancer due to urban air pollution

Dr. Ma. Luisa Enriquez

Biology Department, De La Salle University

Inference of Spatial and Temporal Dataset Granularity Effect to the Performance of Machine Learning in Dengue Forecast

Mr. Micanaldo E. Francisco

Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), Ehime University

Coffee Break (10 min)
Air quality management in the context of climate change in Vietnam

Mr. Truong Manh Tuan

Department of Environmental quality management, Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Bioclimate-Based Species Distribution Models As Pest Invasion Risk Forecasting Tools During Climate Change

Dr. Billy Almarinez

Biology Department, De La Salle University

The influence of roads on the fine-scale population genetic structure of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus)

Ms. Maria Angenica Fulo Regilme

Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), Ehime University

Impact of climate change on forestry and mitigation measure from social perspective in Vietnam.

Dr. Nguyen Trinh Minh Anh

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resource, Nong Lam University HCMC

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Water resources in Quang Binh province, Vietnam.

Dr. Hoang Ngoc Tuong Van

Institute of Resources and Environment, Hue University

Current status of wastewater-based epidemiology: can wastewater data tell the emergence of epidemics?

Dr. Fuminari Miura

Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), Ehime University

The Influence of Water Supply Conditions and Water Storage Containers toward Vector Prevalence and Abundance in Makassar City, Indonesia

Mr. Ruslan La Ane

Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University

Closing Address

Dr. Duong Van Hieu

Dean of Faculty of Environmental Science, Hue University of Sciences


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