Trans-scale Quantum Science Institute
Abstract Submission Guideline
1. Each registered author can only submit one abstract for the scientific program. Submitting an abstract implies the following agreement from the author:
・Publishing the abstract in the program book.
・The presenting author will deliver the presentation in person at the symposium.
2. Abstracts should be written in English and prepared following the Abstract Template. The abstracts are limited to 200 words (excluding references) and up to 1 image.
3. Presenting authors are required to indicate their presentation preference between contributed oral and poster.
・A contributed oral presentation is delivered within 12 minutes and includes another 3 minutes for the presenter to address questions from the audience.
・The scientific program will include two poster sessions. Poster presenters will stand with their posters in a designated space and engage attendees one-on-one.
The organizing committee reserves the right to decide the presentation type at the conference. Due to the limited spots of oral presentations, oral presentations may be transferred to poster presentations during the review process.
4. Please proofread the abstract carefully before submission. The presenting author will be able to further edit or withdraw the abstract in the My Page system up until the submission deadline.

*By completing the registration, you will create a new account in the My Page system, where you can edit your personal information and the submitted abstract.

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